Super Hero Christmas Sweaters for a Super 2016 Christmas!

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Super Heroes in comics and cartoons have been celebrating Christmas in style for many decades, and their schedules are crazy busy. What’s your excuse?

These are the best Super Hero Christmas Sweaters & Hoodies to be wearing this year.

Classic Christmas Snowflakes with Deadpool Faces Sweater

This list couldn’t be started without a Deadpool Christmas Sweater. This abundantly ugly Christmas Deadpool faux sweater is actually a sweatshirt, so you get all the look without all the itch.

Deadpool and Tacos Christmas Sweatshirt

If the first Deadpool Christmas Sweater wasn’t Deadpooley enough for you, this one should do the trick. Complete with gaudy Tacos and argyle.

Vintage Spider-Man Snowflake-Webs Christmas Sweatshirt

This faux knit sweater looking sweatshirt features a classic Spidey face, spider logos, and snowflakes made from web.

Avengers Faces Christmas Sweatshirt

Can’t choose just one Super Hero to rep this Christmas? Rock this faux sweater Avengers + Spidey – Thor Sweatshirt and hit four birds with one stone!

Superman with Christmas Gifts Sweatshirt

It looks like Superman is filling in for Santa Claus on this awesome Christmas sweater. Perhaps this explains Santa, I mean, maybe Kal-El has more secret identities than we know of!

Batman Christmas Naughty & Nice List Sweatshirt

Batman doesn’t really have to check his list twice when there’s only three people on the nice side!

Vintage Bat Symbol with Batmobiles Christmas Sweatshirt

This faux knit sweater Batman sweatshirt keeps it simple but noticeable with Batman masks, Batmobiles, and a big yellow Bat Symbol.

Batman & Superman Snowflake Christmas Sweatshirt

This classic Christmas faux sweater with Superman and Batman is a good start to a Super Merry Christmas.

Wonder Woman, Superman, & Batman with Christmas Gifts Sweatshirt

As the most jolly of all, I kept this sweatshirt for last. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman delivering Christmas gifts to children – it doesn’t get much merrier than the Caped Crusader in a Santa beard!

If you don’t like at least one these Super Hero Christmas Sweaters/Sweatshirts, you might just not be a comic fan after all! If you want to see more Super Hero clothing, click here!

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