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  • Harry Potter Ravenclaw House Juniors Blue T-Shirt


    Harry Potter went from the loneliest boy in the world to Hogwarts legend in the course of the famous novels. Today he is everyone's favorite boy wizard and loved by so many fans worldwide. Of course, all young wizards should attend Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft to develop their skills. This adult T-shirt is an officially licensed product and features a cool Ravenclaw House Crest design.

  • Vader Sleigh Star Wars Ugly Faux Sweater


    After another Christmas of slaying, Darth Vader has decided to go sleighing with antlered AT-ATs on this Star Wars ugly faux sweater. Lord Vader actually has a televised history with the Christmas season. In 1978, an animated Star Wars Holiday Special was shown, in which Boba Fett made his debut as a bounty hunter hired by Vader to help destroy the Rebel Alliance.

  • Jurassic World Faux Christmas Sweater


    Up the wow factor for Christmas sweaters this year with this Jurassic World faux Christmas sweater. The faux sweater features the instantly recognizable Jurassic World logo, a Tyrannosaurus skeleton, now wearing a Santa Claus hat. The faux sweater also includes large trees and snow flakes. For any fan of Jurassic World, this faux Christmas sweater is a must have this holiday season. The Jurassic World faux Christmas sweater is also great for an ugly sweater party.

  • Santa Hat Gizmo Gremlins Faux Ugly Christmas Sweater


    Just as Gizmo was attached to Billy Peltzer, you will be attached to this Gremlins sweatshirt. The classic horror/comedy Gremlins is considered a Christmas classic. So, of course Gizmo would appear on a Christmas sweater. What makes this image even more special is that Gizmo is wearing a Santa hat. Unlike a Mogwai, this shirt can get wet. But, expose it to light at your own risk.

  • R2-D2 Sublimated Faux Christmas Sweater


    Good things come in a small overweight glob of grease with this R2-D2 sublimated faux Christmas sweater. The popular astromech droid R2-D2 is centered on this colorful faux sweater, and is surrounded by Rebel Alliance logos and snowflakes that appear on the faux sweater and continue onto the sleeves. R2-D2 has appeared in all of the Star Wars movies and has consistently remained a fan favorite.

  • Galactic Empire Sublimated Faux Christmas Sweater


    Some traditionalists may wear a Christmas sweatshirt featuring the Three Wise Men, but Star Wars fans can wear a faux Christmas sweater featuring three bad men from the Galactic Empire with this Star Wars sublimated faux Christmas sweater. This faux sweater features images of the heads of Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett in a repeated pattern along the middle of the faux sweater and continuing on the sleeves. The faux sweater also shows a green and a red lightsaber crossed in battle, TIE Fighters, snowflakes, and a festive diamond design.

  • Christmas Vacation Shitter Was Full Sweatshirt


    This Christmas Vacations sweatshirt features an image of an RV and Eddie’s quote, “Merry Christmas Sh#@%er Was Full”. Everyone that sees you wearing this Christmas Vacation Shitter Was Full sweatshirt will immediately know that you are ready for the holiday season and that you are a fan of the 1989 comedy Christmas Vacation. This Christmas Vacation Shitter Was Full sweatshirt is warm, comfortable, and with an image of the RV vehicle, it’s a good looking sweatshirt, ain’t it?

  • Gremlins Christmas Carols Faux Ugly Sweater


    Just when you thought no presents under the tree was the scariest thing that could happen on Christmas, here are caroling Gremlins. This sweater shows four Gremlins singing Joy To The World. Gremlins is considered by many to be a Christmas movie. You could wear it as a nostalgic holiday sweater or you could wear it to your next ugly sweater party. Either way, you’ll be honoring the 1984 horror/comedy you loved to watch on your Zenith.

  • Yoda Santa Claus Ugly Faux Christmas Sweater


    It has always been speculation what Santa Claus actually looked like. Just like trying to catch Bigfoot on camera (who we think are actually Wookies) we have finally caught a glimpse of good old St. Nick. It turns out Yoda is the one that has been bringing joy to little boys and girls throughout the Empire. It really does explain a lot, obviously the Force is being used to make those reindeer fly. Share your love for Star Wars during the holiday season with this Jedi inspired sweatshirt. It’s great for Ugly Sweater parties, and anyone that quibbles that it’s not a sweater can go to Hoth.


  • Darkside Christmas Faux Ugly Sweater


    This sweatshirt shows one Stormtrooper unenthusiastically holding up a pair of bunny socks. Another Stormtrooper is anxiously opening a gift, perhaps hoping for a new 14r light repeating blaster. Still, another Stormtrooper is enjoying the holiday festivities, wearing a Santa Claus hat. As an AT-AT looks through a window, a Christmas tree sheds some sparkling light on the Dark Side. This Stormtroopers sweatshirt is perfect for any fan of Star Wars who wants to show the more humorous side of the Dark Side.

  • Christmas Story Fragile Leg Lamp Sweatshirt


    You can’t have a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle to show that you are a fan of A Christmas Story because you’ll shoot your eye out. The perfect way to show that you are a fan of the 1983 holiday classic A Christmas Story is by wearing this Christmas Story Fragile Leg Lamp sweatshirt. This sweatshirt reads Fragile, and a leg lamp is in place of the letter I. This Christmas Story Fragile Leg Lamp sweatshirt is perfect for keeping you warm during the holiday season.

  • Griswold Family Christmas Sweatshirt


    This Christmas Vacation sweatshirt features an image of that most important of Christmas symbols, an uprooted tree tied to the top of the Griswold family truckster. This Griswold Family Christmas sweatshirt is comfortable and warm enough that you can head out into the winter landscape to get your own tree. The sweatshirt is also perfect for showing your love for the 1989 holiday classic Christmas Vacation. Everyone that sees you wearing this Griswold Family Christmas sweatshirt will immediately know that you are ready for the holiday season and that you are a fan of Christmas Vacation!