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  • He Man She Ra Christmas Faux Sweater

    He-Man She-Ra Christmas Faux Sweater


    Though it only officially aired once in 1985, many people remember the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special fondly. Where else would you see He-Man, She-Ra and even Skeletor getting into the spirit of Christmas? We want to help you celebrate Christmas with an Eternian twist, and so we present to you the He-Man and She-Ra Faux Christmas Sweater. Designed to look like an ugly Christmas sweater, this festive holiday sweatshirt features superhero twins She-Ra and He-Man against a snow flaked background.

  • She Ra Faux Ugly Christmas Sweater

    She-Ra Faux Ugly Christmas Sweater


    This She-Ra Faux Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt is sure to bring visions of Christmas morning to the now grown up girls and boys who could not wait to unwrap their Crystal Castle Playset and She-Ra figures. She-Ra has taken the reins of Santa’s sleigh and got rid of those smelly reindeer and replaced them with her Alicorn Swiftwind. Together they are spreading Peace on Etheria!