Jon Snow Night’s Watch Costume – Game of Thrones


Items Included
  • Cape
  • Tunic
  • Skirt
  • Belt
  • Fiber content coming soon
  • Poplin cape has collar of satin-lined long-pile faux fur
  • Cape has straps that crisscross over chest and join at back w/ hook & loop fastener
  • Faux suede tunic has zipper placket covered by 2 straps w/ metal buckles
  • Tunic has straps w/ metal buckles along each side
  • Skirt has hook & loop fastener at back of waistband
  • Faux leather belt has metal buckle
  • Exclusive


Jon Snow Nights Watch Costume Game of Thrones front

Back in Black

How does a man know when he has truly become a man? At what point is the transition from boy to man complete? Is it a matter of time, of worldly success, of personal growth?

No! Far from it!

A man can only know he’s a man for sure when he dons his first suit of  faux leather armor and prepares to enter brave battle with comrades against a fathomless and evil foe. This Men’s Wall Warrior Costume can be all that for you. Don’t think twice about other costumes; this one is exclusive.

What’s that? Oh, we couldn’t hear you over the whistling of all the ladies beyond the wall as we strut along the icy battlements. Or was it the whistling of our comrades’ arrows as we strike raid into the icy tundra in the North? Doesn’t matter. Either is fine with us.

Alpha. Maverick. Lone Wolf. Big Shot. Head Honcho. Mr. Universe. All these are titles that come along with the costume completely for free. That’s right. That one’s on us.

Product Details

From the satin-lined, poplin cape with its long-pile faux fur collar to the classic and manly skirt with its hook-and-loop fastener conveniently located around the back, this Men’s Wall Warrior Costume shouts manliness and pride. The faux leather belt is the best quality that the faux leather factories North of the wall can produce. The faux suede tunic has a zipper placket covered by not one, but two straps with metal buckles along the side. The cape will remain securely fastened by two straps that crisscross over the chest and join in the back with another hook and loop fastener. That’s Wilder craftsmanship at its best!

A True Blackguard

Whether you are going for the edgy and roguish, dark and brooding type, or the reluctant hero who dresses all in black, but is totally the protagonist, this Men’s Wall Warrior Costume will suit you perfectly. Manning the wall has never been so enjoyable. You will definitely be the best dressed Wall Warrior at any function.

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