Ralphie Oh Fudge – A Christmas Story – T-Shirt


• Color: Red
• Gender: Mens
• Graphic: Direct To Garment Print
• Tag Location: Tagged
• Made of: Pre-Shrunk Cotton
• Fits like: True To Size
• Fabric Softness: Standard


Ralphie Oh Fudge A Christmas Story T Shirt

Ralphie Oh Fudge – A Christmas Story – T-Shirt

Anyone that’s watched A Christmas Story knows that Ralphie let the word, the big one, the queen mother of dirty words, the f dash dash word slip when the nuts from the front tire went flying through the air after his father accidentally smacked the hub cap out of his hands while Ralphie was helping his father change a tire. Now I tend to think his dad shouldn’t have ratted him out to mom, but it was a different time and that didn’t happen.

This Oh Fudge Christmas Story t-shirt shows Ralphie with a bar of soap in his mouth, which of course was his punishment for such a vile act.

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